Sample Engagements

Examples of some of the significant engagements les has led include:

  • Co-led 100 person project team for the Energy Information Services trial of utility, software, and telecommunications industry leaders. Responsibilities included developing all key products, systems, and services for this TOU trial. Project results included software industry leader’s billion dollar investment in the cable industry following this trial; energy industry leader’s long-term commitment to consumer energy management services and support, and cable industry leader’s test of its network for energy management applications.
  • Developed long range strategy for a leading cable company with respect to the energy utility industry. Organized and formed cable industry consortium of five leading cable companies to foster, build and manage strategic relationships between cable operators and utilities. Directed Big 5 consulting firm’s efforts to produce industry study “The Role of Broadband Communications in the Utility of the Future”. (Project report won internal recognition with its highest award for excellence.) Prepared Business Plan for cable industry leader’s strategy considering the “one-stop-shop” packaging of energy sales with entertainment, telephony and high speed data services using cable’s hybrid-fiber coax network in anticipation of deregulated energy markets.
  • Developed strategic direction for mid-western energy utility’s entry into telecommunications markets. Project included feasibility study, market opportunity assessment, competitive analysis, and specific assessment of various home energy management proposals.
  • Provided strategic direction for two municipal electric utilities’ plans to build fiber optic infrastructure for their respective communities. Responsible for RFP preparation, evaluation, and vendor selection. Involved in direct negotiations with several existing telecommunications providers interested in various forms of partnering and/or alliances with the cities. Also involved in regional partnering efforts and recommendations regarding deployment of regional fiber optic infrastructure.
  • Provided critical review and strategic oversight of third party consultant’s recommendations relating to fiber-based telecommunications infrastructure for an energy utility cooperative. Evaluated proposed technology; assessed risks of proposed venture; provided critical analysis of anticipated costs and revenue streams; and, recommended strategic partnerships.
  • Provided project leadership and strategic direction for joint venture between Regional Bell Telephone Company and large electric utility to test the delivery of energy information services to the home using ISDN over twisted pair. Project was called EMMA (Energy Management, Metering and Automation) to aid power companies in load management, time-of-use pricing and automatic meter reading. Responsibilities included supervising development of a customized LAN / WAN residential gateway device that could interface with both ISDN communications and HAN.
  • Provided project leadership for a new residential gateway system as part of leading East Coast investor-owned utility’s ‘Energy House’ project to further develop effective methods of demand side management and remote meter reading. Also included was a HAN communication and control system that interfaced with a telephone-based wide area network.
  • Provided project leadership for leading West Coast utility’s ‘House of the Future’ project. Responsibilities included testing energy information systems / products from several manufacturers to improve customer energy efficiency and increase utility load factors. Worked closely with outside telecommunications providers on network communications issues.
  • Provided multiple years of coaching and management advisory services to CEO of a local travel agency. The company grew to become the largest travel agency in the Rockies, and one of the most successful in the country.
  • Provided strategic planning and market development consulting for major telephone company in the areas of VoIP and IPTV.
  • Evaluated strategic plans, determined IT requirements, prepared RFPs, selected vendors, and negotiated contracts, and implemented IT systems for organizations in government, manufacturing, distribution, professional services (architecture, engineering, consulting, accounting, legal and medical), travel and entertainment, oil & gas, real estate, and others.