Smart Communities

  • Broadband Communications Infrastructure
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Energy and Telecom Services
  • Economic Development
  • Distance Education, Healthcare

Communities do have viable alternatives. They need expert guidance…
Broadband telecommunications infrastructure is the single most valuable asset to a community in the 21st century. Without adequate access to advanced communications, communities will gradually decline. Today, private capital is simply not available for substantial broadband infrastructure investments; and major telephone and cable companies are wrestling with economic recovery issues, and will continue to be slow to build out many areas throughout the country. Communities do have viable alternatives. They need expert guidance and LCI is well positioned to provide such expertise.

LCI has advised communities in Colorado such as Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, Durango, and Cortez. They have helped communities in northwest Colorado to win “Beanpole” funding from the State, as well as communities in southeast Colorado to value their network infrastructure. They have also advised communities in Kansas and New Mexico on broadband communications.

Les Larsen has more than thirty years of consulting experience for organizations as diverse as local municipalities, multinational corporations in Asia and the United States, CLECS, ILECS, Cable MSOs, Electric and Gas Utilities, Coops, REAs, Equipment Providers, and others concerned with telecommunications issues today. In addition, he also had a significant role in leading the development of the seminal energy industry study by Andersen Consulting: “The Role of Broadband Communications in the Utility of the Future”.