Smart Home

  • Home Area Networks
  • Residential Gateways
  • Product Interoperability
  • Consumer response

The Smart Home space is becoming a major opportunity…For years now, we have had collective visions and media references to the smart home, connected home, digital home, and home of the future. At present, there are many vertical markets seeking to deliver services digitally to the home. These include Media, Communications, Energy, Home Automation, Security and Healthcare. Each market has distinct propositions, players, strategies, technologies and standards.

The explosion of smart, connected devices and applications brings with it a significant increase in the value of communications infrastructure. In the past, cable, telco, and utility connections represented people, but today’s communication networks also connect people to machines and machines to machines, creating billions of potential nodes on an increasingly intelligent grid. Connected homes and the devices within them will form a sophisticated ecosystem that will be central to daily life.

The Smart Home space is becoming a major opportunity for many players including cable, telco, utility, retail, appliance, semiconductor and equipment manufacturers, consumer electronic firms, Internet and other service providers. Several independent studies project this market to exceed $50 billion within five years.

Having been a pioneer in the smart home market (owning the registered trademark ‘smarthome’ in a previous company), we have deep roots and in-depth knowledge of this marketplace. LCI can also help facilitate the strategic alliances necessary to succeed in this rapidly evolving market. The smart home market has come of age.